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Cutting red tape for business

The government has published details of its progress in reducing¬† “red tape”.

The “One-in, One-Out” rule was introduced in April 2011; offsetting the cost to business of new regulation by finding areas to deregulate to at least an equivalent value. It intends to introduce “One-in, Two-out” in January 2013.

Total savings for business from this reduction in red tape is predicted to be £919 million by July 2013.

The government has also set out the dates on which it intends to bring into force some key employment legislation in 2013:

March 2013: Parental leave will increase from 13 weeks for each parent to 18 weeks in respect of each child.

Employer liability for harassment of employees by third parties is to be removed.

April 2013: The 90 day consultation requirement for redundancies involving 100 or more employees is to be reduced to 45 days.

New employment tribunal rules of procedure will be introduced; details of the content of the new rules have yet to be confirmed.

Company law provisions on the buy back of shares are to be simplified.

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