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Long-Term Care

You may not need to give up your home to pay for your long-term care

Most of us work very hard over the years to buy our own homes and build up savings for our retirement. We would though like to be able to leave as much as possible for our children and grandchildren after we’ve gone.

Unfortunately, the costs involved in moving into a care home can wipe out your savings and without the right planning, certain assets will be assessed in determining whether the Local Authority will provide care at their cost, or make a contribution towards any private care arrangements. This is likely to mean that your home will be included in any assessment and you may have to pay all care costs yourself, or give up control and some or all of the value of your home.

The good news is that our legal experts can design a bespoke strategy, through which your assets can be protected to ensure they are not assessed for care costs.

Our legal experts will suggest ways in which your assets can be held and invested to ensure they are not assessed for care costs as part of a bespoke strategy.

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