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Using Trusts to protect your assets from the future impact of Divorce, Bankruptcy & Inheritance Tax

Setting up Trusts now to receive your assets on death will ensure that they are not passed “absolutely” to your beneficiaries. Placing the assets in Trust for your beneficiaries means that they will not form part of their estate and therefore will be protected from any future divorce or bankruptcy settlements.
You can protect a wide range of assets in Trusts including:
• your home
• your money
• your pensions
• your life assurance
• your business assetsWhat’s more, Trusts can significantly reduce the impact of tax on future generations, often removing tax completely.

Our specialist team combines Wills and Trusts to give maximum protection for your assets, not just for you now, but for the generations ahead. Our legal experts will create a bespoke solution for you and you’ll be guided through all the important decisions you need to make in plain, straightforward language, quickly and easily.

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